Chao, for reals

I think it's pretty safe to say that anyone who reads this already knows this, but just in case I have millions of anonymous readers out there: I'm not in Vietnam anymore. So it doesn't really make sense to write here anymore. But worry not - I have a new blog. Check it out: http://dirtythievingseagypsies.blogspot.com/.


New Specs

I got new glasses the other day and wanted to blog about them for 2 reasons. First, because they're awesome.
Second, because amazingly enough the whole experience was awesome too. Usually getting something done over here is a million times more difficult than it should be. But this, some how, was so much better than getting glasses in the US. In the states it always went something like this: my old eye doctor won't release my prescription so I have to pay 20 or so bucks to get my eyes checked even though I know my prescription, pay another 100 + bucks (or 400 + bucks with out insurance) for some pair of glasses that I don't really like that much but are one of the few I can afford, and then have to wait 2 weeks until I can actually wear them. Here, I simply walked in, picked out a pair I liked, told the doctor my prescription (but he checked my eyes in case it had changed - for free), he went and got the correct lenses, and then the technician guy went to work fitting the lenses to the frames. He told me to wait 10 minutes but really it was only about 5. And the grand total for everything was 25 bucks, out the door. Amazing. And, pretty sad for America that even a third world country can do a better job at this than them.


Bun Bo Day

After living here for over a year we finally got around to trying bun bo, a street food dish made with rice noodles, beef, some green veggies and, the best part, peanuts. And we've eaten it at least once a week since we tried it. It's definately my new favorite Vietnamese dish. You wouldn't think lettuce and noodles would go together so well, but let me tell you they do. This stuff is awesomely delicious. Maybe this picture will help you imagine the greatness.

Mmm noodles...


New Look

I decided it was time to revamp my blog. So here's the new look. Tada!
Obviously I'm already failing at my blogging regularly thing, and for some reason trying to pretend that this post counts even though it's a) stating the obvious, b) has nothing to do with vietnam/asia/anything, and c) is lame. I'll have to write something super interesting next time to make up for this.



We were finally able to do some travelling during our 2 week Tet vacation, so we decided to check out Thailand. Thailand is kind of like Vietnam's prettier, cooler, cleaner older sister. Or maybe cousin. Whatever, it's an awesome country that anyone who likes beautiful beaches, hip modern cities, excellent shopping and delicious food should check out. We couldn't help but compare it to Vietnam, and it pretty much ruled it every category save money - once you've gotten used to Vietnam's prices it's hard to handle anything else. Exactly how they stack up against each other I'm saving for another blog, but for now here's some pics.


Sorry I Suck

For some reason blogging regularly had become really difficult for me. But the Lunar New Year just passed not too long ago, and my resolution was to start being a better blogger. So look for more blogs in the very near future.


Teachers' Day

Yesterday was Teachers' Day which, unlike in America, is quite a big holiday over here. It is a day to thank and show respect to your teachers, and it's an important holiday to many people.

To celebrate the holiday students visit their current and former teachers, give presents (usually flowers), and - the best part of all - teachers get the day off to rest and relax. As a teacher I must say it makes you feel pretty special.